AR application for NATURA SIBERICA
Our team has implemented a turnkey project.
The ARURA application for NATURA SIBERICA is a unique mobile application to attract customers' attention to the packaging of new products and the NATURA SIBERICA brand.
When pointing the camera of a mobile device to the packaging of new NATURA SIBERICA products, characters are displayed in augmented reality, which reveal the special properties of cosmetics and entertain the user. The user can take a picture, record a video, change the orientation of the 3D model with respect to packaging, and also share in any convenient way directly from the mobile application.
To implement augmented reality, MaxST technology was used. The application is implemented on Unity.
This application is a good example of the use of AR technology for advertising in the FMCG market.
Initially, the application was developed developed for WebAR, but it was decided together with the customer to abandon this technology in favor of a mobile application. You can read more about this in the article here.

NATURA SIBERICA approved sketches