Rosneft - closed corporate building forum
Rosneft held one of the first closed forums for its construction contractors. The task of BlackVR was in a very short time to show the possibilities of VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality).
Our team implemented the forum symbol - an excavator in VR, as well as a walk through a refinery (oil refinery) in VR and visualization of the pipe architecture using Magic Leap mixed-reality glasses.
At a closed forum for Rosneft companies, we presented the most modern equipment: Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, HTC Vive Pro, Magic Leap.
Letter of thanks
Excavator VR Simulator for Rosneft

We implemented in a very short time an excavator simulator in virtual reality. The task was to show the basic mechanics: - control of the bucket, cabin, digging the earth.
We did not have a task to implement a full-fledged simulator. The symbol of the forum was an excavator and the main desire of the organizers to create an atmosphere, there was very little time left for the mechanic to work out. Despite this, we implemented the control of the bucket and the cabin with the help of two simple axial handles, and also did the deformation of the terrane (soil), filling and pouring the volume out of the bucket. The experience was not only interesting, but also useful for construction companies. The use of VR simulators of this type is high and saves a lot of money.

Ps: This simulator requires refinement of the physics of the earth and the creation of 4 axial handles to control the excavator. We want to refine this simulator and are ready to implement any mechanics for production equipment.
Walking through a refinery in virtual reality for Rosneft

Our task was to transfer the refinery to the game engine to create a walk in virtual reality (oil refinery). The closed forum company was truly impressed by the visualization capabilities that allow you to see the refinery facility and walk through it until it is actually created.
The main difficulty our team faced was exporting an object from Navisworks to FBX and further opening the model in 3ds Max with further transfer of the object to the Unity 3D engine in the optimized model.
Our team knows all the intricacies of working with formats such as Navisworks and Revit, and optimizing models for the game engine.
Pipe Architecture Visualization for Magic Leap