Leroy Merlin - VR - Warehouse and shuttle system
Digitization of a 140,000 sqm warehouse and Leroy Merlin shuttle system

The task of BlackVR was to develop an application for visualizing the warehouse under construction Leroy Merlin for virtual reality glasses Windows Mixed Reality (Samsung Odyssey), Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive.

Tasks that were successfully implemented in 1 iteration:
1. Conversion revises the warehouse model and adaptation of its contents to the game engine;
2. Drawing a floor marking of the movement of loaders;
3. Placing labels above loading / unloading ports and racks;
4. Conversion of 3D drawings of the shuttle system and its introduction into the general scene;
5. Development of cyclic animation of the dispatch of cargo from the shuttle system to the storage area;
6. Interactive programming: map interface and movement by teleportation using controllers.
The task of the schedule in 1 iteration was to create an interior and exterior with a simplified environment according to the drawings and the Revit 3D model of the customer. The scenes were also complemented by 3D models of loaders and employees, the exterior scene was complemented by the natural surroundings. The main difficulty was the huge size of the warehouse, which implied complex optimization and work with light.
Work on the warehouses of Leroy Merlin in virtual reality continues, which will optimize many business processes.