Information boards in AR
Tablo AR AR app for АЛВИТЕКС

The project is an application developed for Apple iPad tablets using ARKit augmented reality technology. The purpose of using the application is to clearly demonstrate to potential customers the products of the Customer's company - information boards installed on the territory of stations to notify passengers about the time of arrival / departure of trains, flight numbers and other information.
ARKit solution allows you to track horizontal and vertical planes, but there are obvious problems tracking the plane of the ceiling, especially if it is at a height of 3 meters, like at many stations. As a result, the user is prompted to recognize the floor plane and indicate the point above which the virtual information board will be located. Next, the user needs to indicate the height in meters at which the scoreboard will hang, and, if necessary, adjust the angle of rotation of the scoreboard around a vertical axis perpendicular to the recognized plane.