Active Citizen - Virtual quest for your city
Active Citizen - Virtual Quest

Gorod.mos .ru - a site created by the administration of the Moscow where people can take pictures and send problems for a quick solution.
The essence of the BlackVR application created on the Oculus GO - user training to navigate the site "Our City". In the application, you need to find an offense in the 3D-panorama (video) and bring it into the category. The user gets the result. We have successfully implemented the shooting of 360-video, so that people in a virtual environment felt like on a city street.
The project was presented within the framework of the festival "Five years with Active Citizen ".
The quest created by BlackVR took place at 13 sites throughout Moscow. The event was attended by more than 1 million people!


Our team organized a turnkey project. At 13 locations in Moscow, 17 Oculus GO helmets were delivered from morning to 10:00. Throughout the event, a team of technical specialists served the helmets.

About the project