Times and Epochs | AR application
Times and Epochs | AR application

Our team has implemented the turnkey project.
AR-application - a collector of historical models. When reading tags from souvenir cards, the user can get 3D-models of characters in costumes from different eras. The project was presented in the framework of the festival "Times and Epochs" from June 7 to 16 at 40 venues in Moscow.
In just one month, we were able to create an application with a complex system of reading tags and their combinations, created many detailed author models, and released applications into the marketplace.
The developers had the task to realize the recognition of tags, taking into account the fact that the postcards were compound like a puzzle and with each new combination of markers a new hero was added. In this case, the heroes should not be displayed immediately when reading the first postcard, on which parts of all tags were located. The task was non-trivial due to the fact that the framework on which the application was created is sufficiently 20% of the label for recognition.
The task was solved by writing complex logic for loading characters, taking into account the sequential reading of markers.
Also, the application has the ability to update characters, namely 3d models without directly updating the application in the marketplace.
The costumes of the characters were developed according to the photos of the heroes and recreated by 3d modelers taking into account the smallest nuances.
5 models of ships for the exhibition were also recreated from the photo and take into account the features of real ships.
This application is a good example of using AR technologies for visual demonstration of interactive content, which can be used in education and entertainment of users in the new format of augmented reality.
App for clients
App is availible on Google Play and App Store.