Marketing AR app for the clients of Sberbank Insurance

Sberbank Play is an AR application for a wide audience of customers, partners and employees of Sberbank life Insurance, working on the basis of Souvenirs with the logo of the insurance company. This application will help not only to learn something new, but also to enjoy the game.

SberLIfe Play app includes 3 mini games: 1. Cartoon doctor will help You take care of your health in the office. 2. Gnome consultant entertaining talk about financial literacy. 3. The game "Ice and cactus" will give positive emotions from the arcade game and show how insurance can save in the most unexpected situations. Point the device's camera at the marker located on the souvenir products (mug, diary, calendar) and cartoon characters will appear on your screen. Beautiful 2D/3D graphics will help you feel the whole atmosphere of the application. Try it now!
Try our app!

Our app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Download the tags and try.