In preparation for the launch of the Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP, we have created an exterior and
interior model of the NBGS. We have also created interactive objects with which one could
interact and receive information about them.


The product was developed as an executable application for Windows (8 / 8.1 / 10) in
simple.exe format. The application allows you to display stereo images using OculusRift CV1
virtual reality glasses, while also being able to track the movements of the user's head and
translating these movements to move the camera* as well in the application. The application is
an interactive three-dimensional world, divided into several blocks.
Block 1 - Exterior world of the master plan. It is a world consisting of the model of the building
of the hydroelectric power station, the surrounding environment and additional facilities.
Block 2 - Interior world of the model of the HPP, containing the machine room, the units, and
the cranes.


1. Approval of the work plan
2. Collection of materials and references
3. Drawing the sketch
4. Drawing the exterior
5. Assembly of the exterior
6. Building the interior
7. Layout of materials of the exterior and interior
8. Creating Textures of Materials
9. Creation of materials
10. Purpose of materials
11. Menu scripting
12. Compiling the application
13. Running of the product

Production Duration:

15 calendar days.