CRM-system for a large project
For one of our clients, we created our own ERP system (more than CRM), which allows us to save more than 1 million rubles a month if they used salesforce (another CRM).
Our team has automated all business processes of the company. And they also implemented the created CRM in another company, which made it possible to successfully merge the two companies.

Briefly about the possibilities created by CRM:
- Collection and processing of incoming applications for cooperation;
- Establishment of partners and a history of communication with him;
- Automatic generation of all necessary documents;
- Setting and controlling tasks of managers and editors (+ copywriters), including automated ones;
- Creation and unloading of goods on several sites at the same time;
- Analytics on products and sources from Google Analytics;
- Statistics on sales in various sections and parameters;
- Share unloading on coupon aggregators (advertising platforms on which coupon services are advertised) and cost control;
- Plans and statistics for managers;
- Planning mailings;
- Automatic generation of regional mailings;
- Download the necessary reports to Excel;
- Calendar of planning of unloading goods on sites for analytics;
- Various reminders for managers, editors, accounting and other employees;
- Informing users;
- Quality control: "secret buyer", recording the causes of returns;
- Creating ads in Yandex.Direct based on various algorithms.
This is only part of the process, which allowed to abandon all Google Docs, automate almost all routine tasks and optimize the work of all departments.

* CakePHP 2.0
* PHP 5
* Bootstrap