AR application "Алвиса"
AR application "Alvis"

Our team has implemented a turnkey project. From concept to posting.
ALVISA Group is a leader in the wine market (1st place), vermouth (2nd place) and cognac (3rd place) in Russia.
The BlackVR team developed a creative AR application for the major alcohol brand Alvis with several mechanics:
- Game "Nucky Thompson Bar
- Masks for vermouth Delasy

Game "Nucky Thompson Bar"

The game is a shooting range. The task is to break the bottle and score points.
In augmented reality, a bar counter and a bartender in the style of the Wild West appear on top of the bottle. After clicking on the start, the bartender begins to throw bottles at the user. They will need to be broken by tap on the screen. The correctness of the tap is highlighted. Other items can be thrown back to the bartender or to the side.
The game modes "for a while", "for accuracy" and "for elimination" are implemented:
- The game mode "for a while" will limit the user to one minute, during which he will have to break as many bottles as possible;
- The game mode "for accuracy" complicates the gameplay for the user - an increasing number of bottles with different speeds + "bombs" appear, by tap on which the game ends.
- The game mode "for elimination" changes the gameplay in the direction of victory over the bartender. The user and the bartender have streaks of life. Depending on the user's actions, the caught bottles fill up with life, discarded objects cause damage to the bartender, objects that hit the user inflict damage according to him.
It is important that this solution works on all devices. This is not the first time we are faced with the task of wide coverage of devices when working with augmented reality and successfully cope with such cases.

Masks for vermouth Delasy
Mechanics Masks (Vermouth Bianco):
- The presence of a list of available masks on the main screen of the interactive;
- The list is filled with six different models of masks: 3 elven masks, Mask "Patches", "Wreath" and "Beach mask";
- Implemented recognition of the user's face, followed by the imposition of a simulated mask;
When swipe, the user gets the opportunity to "try on" the appropriate mask in augmented reality
There is a button on the main screen of the interactive: "Take a picture". Button "Take a picture": by clicking on the button a photo of the user with the mask is applied and after that the screen "Share" opens.

Application for users
The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.