Top.Mail.Ru - Coupon service aggregator
Ask yourself the question: "What should be the site on which all discount promotions of your city are collected?". Everything that comes to your head, our team tried to implement in the service
We have implemented the project "turnkey":
Administrative panel;
Mobile applications for users on IOS and Android.
The site accepts API or XML data from coupon services and displays them on the site. The site implemented complex sorting.
The opportunity to buy all coupons right on the unit with a 10% discount became an exclusive feature! Complicated integrations were performed to obtain coupon codes from third-party sites for sale and subsequent reconciliation with coupon services.
We also engaged in the promotion of the project in SEO and mailing. During the work on the site project attendance increased from 0 to 100,000 users per month!


* PHP 7
* Phalcon 3*
* Redis
* MongoDB 3.0
* ElasticSearch 1.7

Мобильные приложения:

* Swift 2.2-3.0
* Java (Gradle)


Production time:
120 days

Приложение для пользователей
Приложение доступно в Google Play и App Store.