Virtual tour of Moscow State University (MSU)
VR-experience MSU

This year, in connection with the open day in a virtual format, our team was asked to help in filming locations for Moscow State University.

Thus, by joint efforts and with technical support from the university, panoramic surveys of various faculties with the necessary infographics were carried out.

You can look at the work done by clicking on the link

By clicking on each of the marked points, you will move to this building and be able to read all the information you need or watch 360 videos.
Faculty Travel
Without leaving your home, you can see how the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University looks like and how it is arranged inside: halls, lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories and much more.
And all this in 360 video format!
Faculty of Physics, Moscow State University
Virtual tour of the faculty of physics and laboratories of Moscow State University in 360 format
Photos from the shoot
You can see how our shooting took place in the buildings of one of the best universities in Russia